Friday, June 27, 2008

A New Project

A friend of mine has hired me to finish a rug for her. She hurt her rotator cuff and can no longer hook. I've never really wanted to finish someone else's work before -- especially a pattern drawn out on burlap -- but Lucille is one of the sweetest people I know. So when she asked if I knew anyone who could do this rug for her, I offered up my own services.

The pattern is called Kit's Treasure by Patsy Becker. It is very simple and the center motif is already completed. I just have to fill in the background and figure out a border. I started hooking this morning, and it is more difficult than I imagined it would be. I hook much more closely than Lucille does, so I am having to go a little slower than I normally do so I can match her style.

I've been a little scattered lately, so I thought this project might get me back on track. I am keeping a record of the time I spend hooking, something I don;t normally do. Since it feels like a real job and I want to get it done in a timely manner, I need to keep myself on track. One of tricks to keeping myself seated at my frame -- Netflix. I find shows, often British mysteries, that are serialized, and I watch them on my computer out in the studio. The time flies by and so does the hooking.

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Anonymous said...

Hello Sarah...This is really nice of you to do, finish up a project for a friend! : )

I know what you mean about "scattered"!!! LOL
I started keeping track of my hooking time by doing a daily progress report on my Blog while hooking a rug called the "Bradley Primitive" from Harry Fraser Co. It took me 58 days and visitors really enjoyed it!

Now I'm hooking another rug and doing the daily progress on my Blog... "Helen's Tapestry" (also from Frasers) ...but this rug was sent to me on the wrong linen so I can't do the fine cut (#3). However, the redesigning of the rug for the wider cuts (while trying to keep the flavour of the original) is a great learning experience!!!!! We need those!!! LOL

Maybe you'd enjoy doing a progress on your Blog of this rug or another rug you are hooking! It's fun!!
Happy Hooking!! Sunnie : )