Monday, November 3, 2008

Sign of the Season

I saw these pumpkins on my way to the market the other day. Tomorrow is the big day, so get out and vote -- no matter who you favor. If you don't vote, you can't complain. Clara is happy to be voting in her first presidential election tomorrow. I'm proud of her for taking the time to change her registration so she can vote while she's away at school.

On another subject -- if there is a god of household appliances, please put in a good word for me. About a month ago, our 20 year old microwave died. Got a new one. A week later the washing machine quit working. Had it fixed. Last week -- no hot water. Got the hot water heater fixed. Today -- the drains are backing up. Thankfully, Pete is home to deal with this one. We're waiting on the plumber now. What else can go wrong? Maybe I shouldn't ask . . . .

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Lana said...

Awww, Sarah, sorry to hear about your appliance woes. The same thing happened to us a few years ago, just one right after the other went out.
Hope all is well now!

You're n ot going to believe this, but I started to type the word verification and it is "OVENS id", lol!