Sunday, July 12, 2009

Happy Hooking at Hallockville

We had a glorious afternoon at Hallockville yesterday. The sun was shining, the sky was as blue as can be, and a breeze swept across the farm fields the entire time. We sat under the crab apples in the backyard of the Hallock House. Barbara and Judy strung rope between the trees so members could hang their finished pieces likes clothes drying on a line. Across the field to the east the two sheep grazed on the lawn (no mowing needed!). To the west the cows grazed with the Chicanowitcz House as a backdrop. It was so charming, and the perfect place for a hook in!

Jack's Casket hooked by Barbara Blossey-Chuvalas

I worked on the raffle rug when I wasn't distracted by conversation. Barbara was working on a version of my Juggling Jack pattern called Jack's Casket. I enlarged the pattern and changed its shape so it would fit on the top of a miniature casket she owns. I think she's done a brilliant job: the florescent green around his bones and the purple circles in the background really make her mat special. I cannot wait to see it completed.

Susan Egan's version of "Wool"

Susan Egan brought along her version of my Wool patten. I love the colors she chose. (Can I say once again how thrilling it is for me to see other people's versions of my patterns?) Susan's current project is a rendition of her handsome corgi, Henry, which will be part of an invitational rug show curated by Gail Horton at the Southampton Historical Museum in August. Her sister Sally is working on a piece for the show, too -- an adaptation of a painting by local artist Jacqueline Penney.

Denise Johnson's Original Design

Denise Johnson brought her colorful completed mat neatly framed. I love the way Denise hooks. She mixes up brightly colored strips of thinly cut wool in a bag and just picks and chooses as she hooks. The results are always spectacular.

A fellow stopped by with a collection of his grandmother's hooked rugs. He proudly displayed a McGown floral, a large carousel horse and some chair pads. What a treat for us.

We had a pot luck lunch of quiche, carrot salad, ambrosia, cherries, and carrot cake -- all very yummy. It was the perfect day. We hope to repeat it on August 22. Stop by to visit, see the rugs, or to learn how to hook. You won't find a more welcoming guild or a more pleasant place to spend the day.

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TamboinMO said...

Wow! Looks like a wonderful day! Did you get to pet the sheep...they are always so soft after they are sheared.