Friday, August 7, 2009

Bass Progress

I've been hooking my fish . . . . Discovered that I had the wrong measurements and had to expand the mat lengthwise. I thought the required measurements were 18 inches by 26 inches, and in fact it should have been 28 inches. So I added an inch to each side of the center and moved the squiggly fishing line. I also decided not to put "Greenport 2009" on it and changed the wording to "Striped Bass." I plan to sell the mat and since the show is in Southampton, I decided it needed something less site specific on it. I had to rip out the word "striped" and am not pleased with the rehooking, so I may redo it yet again. I ran out of the light grey-green background and had to fudge with some similar looking stuff. (I would have been okay had the measurements been what I originally thought.) All in all, though, the mat has been moving right along.

I actually stopped hooking the fish on Wednesday to take time to make a new mat for the American Folk Art 'Dog Days of Summer" theme update on August 11. I hooked a little fox terrier and am pleased with the results. I've had a lot of hooking time because I'm home alone. Pete went out to Wisconsin to visit his parents and Clara is still at summer school. She returns tomorrow and then she, too, well head out to Wisconsin. I'm staying home with Cairo and working my fingers to the bone. It is actually quite nice to be able to focus on my stuff and not have to deal with distractions. My productivity has increased ten fold.

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