Wednesday, July 21, 2010

We're Having a Heat Wave, a Tropical Heat Wave

The weather is positively wicked this summer.  It's costing us a fortune to keep the new sod in the front yard alive.  The grass in the back yard is crispy.  The Brandywine tomatoes I planted are exploding with fruit -- last year I harvested only a handful of tomatoes.  The corn and peach crops hit the farm stands a week early.  Fred at Sang Lee, where we have a CSA share, is battling beetles in the bok choy.  The beetles are attacking my new coral bells along the front walk as well.  Some things thrive in the heat, others just disappear -- like me!

I have been holed up in the house with the A/C on.  I swear, installing central air was the wisest decision we made when we renovated the house.  I don't keep it low -- it is usually set around 75 degrees -- I just keep it cool enough to hook and cook.  Pete asked me to turn it off one day, so I did.  He came back from sailing with a neighbor and told me to put it back on!  I have been so productive, it isn't funny.  I've been finishing projects that have sat around for years and designing new rugs and kits for the upcoming fall season of shows.  I've got needle punch ideas by the dozens . . .   If we didn't have the A/C, I'd be sitting around complaining and ordering take out and going to the movies in the afternoon just to get cool . . .  

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orange sink said...

Hey Sarah,
I'm a wimp too when it comes to heat! I actually get sick if I'm in it for too long a time! The AC never goes off here. Luckily the temps are starting to cool off in the evenings here though a little bit! Hang in there! It sounds like you are getting a lot accomplished!
Cathy G