Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Another Happy (Though Hot) Hallockville Hook In

The Peconic Ruggers met for a hook in at Hallockville on July 24.  It was a hot day (what day this summer hasn't been hot?), but a breeze blew across the farm fields, enabling us to hook under the apple trees behind the Hudson House until about 1 o'clock.  When the breeze stopped we moved inside to the air conditioning.  We had a delicious pot luck lunch and lots of cold drinks.

Here's one of Barbara's works in progress:

Here's a pile ofJudy's goodies for sale:
Here's one of the gardens:
I took a walk to the barn to visit the sheep, who were tucked way back in the shade to keep cool:
Don't you love their names?
We'll be hooking under the apple trees again on August 21.  Come and join us!

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