Monday, December 6, 2010

Happy Monday

The sky has been alternating sun and spritzing snow all day with a gusty wind that makes us wish we had installed a fireplace or wood stove when we renovated the house.  I am investigating pellet stoves for the kitchen, between the two north windows where there is currently a rickety and unattractive little desk that no one ever uses.  I'm not keen on a wood stove.  I had one out in the garage and there was always a mess around it -- ashes and bark and schmutz -- and I hated cleaning it.  Pellets are much neater.  So we'll see.

My other plan for warming up the kitchen: oriental rugs.  My sister-in-law Fran told me she had great success buying Oriental rugs on ebay.  So I bid on one and won it.  It came today and I love it.  Instant warmth for not a lot of money.

Clara was home for just one night to print out some photos for her portfolio and pack up some more belongings for her new apartment, so I spent the afternoon hemming pants and looking through my stash for fabric to cover a bench for her.  It was a brief visit, but it is always fun to have her at home.  I've also been doing a little Christmas shopping on line as well as gearing up for creating my own website -- a daunting task, but one I need to address. 


Orange Sink said...

Hi Sarah,
I'm behind on my blog reading! Love your oriental rug. Looks great on the wood floors. My sister and brother both have pellet stoves in their homes. You're right about them being cleaner than wood. We burn wood and it truly is hard to keep the house clean. I have electric baseboards in the studio though.
Will look forward to your new website. That is something on my list of things for some day too!
Hope you have a wonderful Holiday and the only shaking you feel is Santa landing on your roof!
Cathy G

Bonnie said...

Hi Sarah!
I could spend a lot of time on your blog - and Barbs too!
Think often of my time there . . . glorious!
Tina and I talk often about what a wonderful trip it was!
Could you send me an email so I can have your addy?
Have a wonderful Christmas!!