Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Steamy, Sultry Summer

The heat has been unbelievable.  The thermometer in my car read 99 degrees at noon on Friday.  I have been cocooned in my house most of the time, so very glad we decided to splurge on central air conditioning when we renovated a couple of years ago.  It's a miracle to me -- I am so comfortable I can cook and hook and sleep without tossing and turning.  And it is quiet, so very quiet.  I don't hear the kids next door on their skate boards, or the ice cream truck with that horrible electronic version of Turkey in the Straw playing over and over and over again or the air conditioner when it turns on and off.  It is peaceful and it keeps me productive.

I have been getting ready for the Whale of a Tale class that my guild is sponsoring on Friday and Saturday.  Along with Jen, the president, and Sue, the treasurer, I have been organizing the class as well as color planning my version of the rug.  I have put together spectacular goody bags for the participants, mostly rug hooking related stuff and contributions from the vendors.  I will be vending, too, of course, selling my sister Barb's wool as well as my own hooking supplies.  On Thursday I pick Tina and her assistant Betty Ann at LaGuardia.  They will be staying with me while in New York, squeezing in a whale watching trip out of Montauk and some time in the City before heading back to Georgia on Monday.

When August rolls in next Monday I am going to shift my focus to some home improvement projects (new window treatments in the bedroom, rearranging the living room) and putting up some of the veggies Pete has been growing (lots of pesto in my future and we'll use the Squeezo Pete received for Father's Day to make tomato sauce).  In between I will be getting my new designs down on linen for the fall shows, and finishing up some new pieces for display.  It will be winter before we know it.

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