Monday, October 10, 2011

October Sky

Indian Summer is here -- 80 degrees again today.  I feel as though we should be swimming instead of picking pumpkins . . .   I just checked the weather report for this weekend in Rhinebeck and it looks like it will be perfect -- upper 60s and mostly sunny.  That means all the knitters at the Sheep & Wool Festival can wear their newly knit sweaters while shopping for more yarn . . .

Cairo and I had a lovely walk on the beach this morning, marveling at all the butterflies landing on the Montauk daisies that are in full bloom. 
Now it's back to work. My studio is full of hooked pumpkins and Happy Scraps (my newest marketing idea for bits of wool I never seem to use) that need to be inventoried and packed up.  Hope we will see you this weekend!

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Orange Sink said...

Enjoy the Rhinebeck show! So glad for all the vendors when the weather cooperates! Sounds like a good idea for marketing those scraps of wool...... do you color coordinate them? I've an upcoming craft show and would like to sell some scraps for people who applique etc. but not sure how to package them up!
Cathy G