Saturday, November 19, 2011

My First Teddy Bear

Here's my first handmade teddy bear -- stitched from a kit called "T" is for Teddy by Indigo Junction, designed by Lori Baker.  I have always admired Lori's bears (her last name is now Corelis and you visit her here: The Spotted Hare) and have always wanted to work with mohair. So this kit, which I bought on eBay, was the perfect way for me to experiment.

I think he's pretty cute, although his head my be a tad small for his body.  He's a bit floppy, too -- I had a hard time with the cotter pins when working on the joints.  I have two more kits to practice on -- a smaller 5 inch bear and a 5 inch bunny. Then I am going to try to design one of my own . . .   Stay tuned.


Dórika said...

Very cute :) I love the handmade toys. When I was a small child, my mother made a cute fox for me. It was my favourite toy, I slept everynight with it.

Carol Markel said...

This Teddy Bear looks so cute. I bet he's like to play with the other stuffed toys at Sagamore Hill (Teddy Roosevelt's house in Oyster Bay).