Tuesday, March 13, 2012

At Sixes and Sevens

I accomplished so much yesterday.  Four loads of laundry, banking and bill paying, grocery shopping, picked up the house, washed the kitchen windows -- the spring-like day gave me loads of energy.  This morning I woke up with a horrible headache that drove me to take two Advil on an empty stomach.  I was  in my pajamas until 9 am, drank copious amounts of coffee, and spent an hour contemplating rewashing the windows, cleaning up the mud Pete tracked in from the garden and scrubbing the mess I made of the stove last night.  There's not a ray of sunshine in sight and all I want to do is hook.

But what should I hook?  I have several unfinished projects that I could pick up, but since Barb and I started our business, I always think I should be designing a new pattern and hooking it up for prospective customers to use as a visual aid.  Or hooking up smaller pieces to sell at the shows that cater to people looking for finished product.  I have two rather large and complex pictorials rolling around in my head, but I'm not ready to tackle them -- too much drawing and color planning and dyeing.  I just want to sit down and hook without thinking too much.

I am inspired by Tammy Burks' Redbud Runner.  While purple is one of my least favorite colors, I love it in this rug.  The bold shapes and colors and the size of this rug really speak to me.  Looking at it makes me want to hook something big and bright.  But what?  I don't want to use any brain cells today.

So I think I am just going to start another hit and miss mat -- maybe a log cabin, because it is such a versatile pattern.  It's always good to have a mindless rug to work on when you can't be bothered to use your brain.

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Tammy Burks said...

Hey Sarah,
Let me give you a word of advice. HOOK WHAT YOU LOVE!
Back in my teaching/selling days I hooked things to sell or to inspire others and all that did was burn me out....not quickly, but it did burn me out.
Hook what you love and I think then you will have others who want to hook the same thing or something similar.
Don't get caught in the "I gotta hook to sell" mind set.
Glad you were inspired by my runner....it was fun and I enjoyed pulling every single loop!