Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Suddenly . . . September

There was a bite of autumn in the breeze on the beach this morning when Cairo and I took our walk.  It is a glorious day here.  The osprey have left their nest at the end of our street.  I was used to their screeching when we walked too close to them, but all was quiet this morning.   Soon it will be September and the tourists will go home and the children will go back to school.  Cairo and I will once again spend our morning walks in quiet contemplation.

Clara left our nest on Sunday morning at 4:30 am.  She'll be making her own in Seattle in a matter of days.  She was jubilant, even though it was the middle of the night.  I was sad and couldn't keep from crying.  I am so happy that she is running head first into her future, loosening the apron strings, but I will miss her terribly.  She spent just about every weekend with us this summer.  I'm rattling around the house by myself, finding it hard to settle.  Pete is riding shotgun for the trip across the country.  They are camping and hiking whenever possible.  I believe they are in Wyoming right now, in Bighorn National Forest, and they spent a day in the Badlands.  Pete will fly home sometime this weekend after Clara is safely enconsed in her new home.

Now its time for me to get to work in earnest.  I have seven shows in eleven weeks, starting with the Peconic Ruggers Rug Show/Hallockville Fall Festival September 15 and 16.  Two weeks and counting . . . . 


Julia said...

With so many rug show lined up you will be too busy to worry about your daughter. I know that our kids are always in our mind and heart at any age.

Fall is in the air and the day is getting shorter and the humidity is gone. I now can get some yard work done.

Have a good week. JB

Orange Sink said...

I got teary eyed reading your post today. I can sense the bittersweet days of autumn and the empty nest scenario. The upcoming shows should help keep you busy with a life full of good things!
Great post!!
Cathy G

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

My son lives ib Seattle and its a great place to visit! He left after college over twenty years ago and I know EXACTLY how you feel today ~ know that this mother is thinking of you!

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