Tuesday, May 28, 2013


We had a marvelous weekend away, attending the graduation ceremony at Deerfield Academy in Massachusetts and visiting with friends.  Every aspect of the graduation -- from the dinner/dance Saturday night, the actual ceremony on Sunday, the lunch afterward -- took place outside under tents.  It was the wettest, coldest graduation I have ever attended.  Everyone was dressed up for naught, because we were all swaddled in raincoats and scarves and sweaters,  But it was wonderful just the same, and we are very proud of our surrogate niece Charlotte for all her accomplishments.

Pete and I  arrived home yesterday afternoon and, after unpacking, I promptly fell asleep.  I woke up, made a light dinner (we ate way too much over the weekend) and then went to bed early.  As I was falling asleep I realized I had to pick the name of the winner of the give away, so I got back up, did that, and posted the name of the winner -- Debra -- on the blog.  This morning, while I was waiting for my much-needed first cup of coffee to brew, I read my emails and noticed that once again I had several annoying advertisements posted as comments on my blog.  I am so tired of these ads for cheap travel, classic cars, Viagra, designer purses . . . .   Anyway, while deleting them, I deleted the winning comment for the giveaway.  Oy.  So here is the email with her post, just so everyone knows it really existed.  I don't know Debra, but I hope she will email me soon at paisleyrugs@gmail.com and I will send the flag pattern off to her.

And if anyone know how I can keep those stupid ads out of my comments, I'd love to hear from you.


Sylvia said...

I have my comments set so that I have to approve of them before they can be published.

Julia said...

Congratulations to Debora for winning the give away.

Those adds are so annoying like you said.

You must have been very tired indeed. Glad that you had fun and that you are back home, safe and sound.