Friday, May 9, 2014

Cherry Blossom Time

The first week of May is spectacular around here -- we have our own little cherry blossom festival.  The street is lined with these trees and they just glow against the sky -- whether its blue -- like it was yesterday -- or gray and rainy like today.  In a few days the wind will lift the blossoms from the trees and we'll walk in swirls of pink snow.  Love it.

When I'm not out enjoying the spring flowers, I'm in the dye kitchen elbow deep in wool.  The colors just keep piling up.  I'm preparing for the Long Island Fleece and Fiber Fair to be held at Hallockville Museum Farm on May 17 & 18.  Barb and I have a booth in the barn.  It is always fun, so please come and see us!  If you are taking the bus from NYC, I've donated boxes of note cards to the goody bags they'll be giving out.


Tammy Burks said...

I love the cherry blossoms! We have a weeping cherry in our front yard....always reminds me of a fancy lady's hat or dress!

Julia said...

What a spectacular site you're describing Sharon,
I love this time of year when blooms are everywhere. We're a little behind this year but my spring bulbs are starting to bloom.
Happy Mother's Day.