Friday, June 20, 2014

What Happens When You Have Way Too Much Wool

In my effort to clean my studio. I piled one too many bolts of wool on top of my grid boxes and the whole middle portion came tumbling down.  That was two days ago.  I haven't made much progress since.  Today's the day I tackle it -- and the rest of the room, too.

Summer is really here.  We had several days of rain and really high humidity and heat.  Today is gorgeous.  Pete and I are going to transform our driveway and side walkway this weekend -- we hope.  July 4th is our deadline for several projects -- some of which are completed already.  Clara is coming home with her boyfriend and our friends from Amherst will be joining us, too.  We plan to spend the whole weekend swimming and clamming and fishing and eating, so Pete and I want to be ready to relax.

Barb and I had a less than stellar showing at the quilt show two weeks ago.  I think there were far fewer  attendees and they were mostly interested in Star Wars fabric and making quilts for their grandsons.  I did set up another rug hooking class at Farmhouse Quilts in Southold, though, which made the whole weekend worth it.  The class will be held on Saturday, August 9.  We'll be hooking a sunflower.  Contact Janet at 631-236-6030 if you are interested.  We're hoping to set up a regular schedule of rug hooking classes at Farmhouse.

I'm thinking we may take the first swim of the season today.  The bay is so inviting.  Perhaps that will be my reward for cleaning up the studio . . . . 


Orange Sink said...

Whoa! That wool is heavy! Especially the bolts piled on top of each other! I was thinking about some of that grid shelving but after seeing your post maybe I'll stick with these old sturdy antique pieces!
It is always a plus when we do shows and generate some interest in our craft and classes! All the best to you and hope your Fall classes are a huge success!
Relax and enjoy the kids when they come home... summers are just too darn short!
Cathy G

Julia said...

That's a lot of wool and it almost looks like the sheep came alive right there in your studio.
I agree, wool is heavy.

Sorry to hear that the show was less than successful.There might have been going on on that day that conflicted with your show.

Good luck with your classes. Enjoy your kids and relax to the max.

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