Monday, May 4, 2015

Warming Up

The weather is delightful today!  The cherry trees and lilacs are ready to burst -- and it is about time!

I will be at Open Hooking tomorrow, at Farmhouse Quilt Company, 10 Am to 3 PM.  I threatened to bring marguerites for Cinquo de Mayo, but that's a little too early to start drinking . . .   we'll be too busy hooking, anyway.

I am working slowly on my new Bee Happy pattern, which I have available as both a rug pattern and a needle punch pattern.  Of course, my two Judys have made more progress than me.  Here is Judy Warasila's finished piece.

And here are a couple more of Judy's newly finished pieces.  yes, this is a case of the student outperforming the teacher!

Here is my needle punch version of Bee Happy.  I'll be teaching a class on it on Tuesday, May 19, and again on Saturday, May 30 at Farmhouse Quilt Company.

1 comment:

Julia said...

You have some talented students and you must have taught them well. I love all the rugs.

We're enjoying beautiful warm sunny weather for the last two days and it's been heavenly.

Happy hooking .