Friday, July 17, 2015


I am working on getting my etsy shop back in order.  I've been posting a listing or two each day, and will try to continue to do so, so my patterns are available to anyone who wants them.  I'm trying to enjoy the summer and get some house projects done at the same time, so things are going slowly.  Pete's father, who turned 98 on the 4th of July, was hospitalized last week, so we have been keeping up with family and planning a our trip out to Wisconsin to visit.  He has rallied and is now in a nursing home.  He was playing cards yesterday, so that is a good sign.  

I bought a rug for my daughter at an estate sale yesterday.  I spotted a couple of copper pots in the kitchen and the fellow running the sale threw them in for free.  That was quite a score!  28 years ago I bought a small Mauviel oval stew pot in Paris which I love dearly.  I always wanted a big one, but when I priced them out at Williams-Sonoma five years ago or so, it was priced at over $1000 and even if I had millions of dollars, I wouldn't pay that much for a pot.  I think copper has come down in price a bit, but these pots are still quite costly, so I am pleased at punch to have these two.  We are going to have them re-tinned and then I will polish them up.


Julia said...

Wow, you really scored with those copper pots. I personally would never pay $1000. for any copper pot even if I was rich, but then I never cooked in a copper pot.
Have a great weekend Sarah.

Karen Budnick said...

Love your copper find - I'd add them to my copper kitchen in a heartbeat!

Samplings from Spring Creek said...

WOW! What a find--can't believe the man threw them in for free