Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Long Time, No Write

I fell off the blog wagon.  I was lured away to other social media -- I love Instagram, and was very fond of Pinterest, though lately I am really tired of all the stupid "What to Shop for at Trader Joe's" type postings and the links to a bunch of blogs that were created using the same "Use Pinterest to Earn $1000 a Month" website.  They all feature the exact same layout, with a photo of a young woman with some pithy comments describing her life and LOTS of ads that float across your computer screen as you scroll through thousands of photographs and inane stories trying to get to the actual recipe you want.  I have to admit to sending a lot of time on Facebook, too, with all its stupid tests -- "Can You Spell These Words Correctly?" and, even worse, silly animal videos.  I skip over all that and look at the hooked rugs, and news from relatives, thank you very much.

When my students told me this morning that reading my bimonthly email was like reading a story, I realized I had better get back to real writing on my blog and leave the other stuff -- except for Instagram -- to people who have a lot of time to waste.  Writing has always been where my heart is and I miss it.  So here I am, climbing back on the wagon.

Barb and I started our spring season of vending a week and a half ago at the Connecticut Sheep & Wool Festival.  It was lovely and warm this year -- in the past we have had to take turns sitting in the car with the motor running to warm up.  It is a small festival, but sweet, and we were happy to see lots of our friends and fellow fiber enthusiasts.  Several members of the Quiet Corner Rug Guild stopped in.  They are getting ready for their Hook In at the Woodstock, Connecticut Fairgrounds in June. (See the sidebar for more information.)  Barb and I will be there vending again. 

We will also be at the Long Island Fleece and Fiber Fair this coming weekend.  LIFFF is close to my heart and a close to my home.  It is held at Hallockville Museum Farm in Riverhead, New York.  I have been a member there for many years.  It is where I first demonstrated rug hooking almost 25 years ago.  The museum is a big supporter of all the local guilds.  I will be teaching a needle punch embroidery class there as well, on June 11.

The Country Living Fair at the Duchess County Fairgrounds in Rhinebeck, New York is the first weekend of June.  It's a big show, very well run by Stella Management, and brings the pages of the magazine to life.  This will be our second year there.  Be sure to come visit us!

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