Friday, March 21, 2008

Another UFO . . .

You may recall that my New Year's rug hooking resolution was to finish up some of my unfinished rug hooking objects, otherwise known as UFOs. So here's another one -- a really old one -- that I really ought to finish.

I started this cat rug in a class with Elizabeth Black at the ATHA Region 1 School in Madison, CT many years ago. Elizabeth is known for her carefully hooked animals with great personalities. I was planning on hooking a portrait of my daughter's cat Lily, but I left all my photos at home. Elizabeth works from visual aids, so I was at a loss. I ran to the nearest book shop and bought a small book with cat pictures and this is what I ended up with. A tuxedo cat, but not my tuxedo cat. Maybe that's why I never finished it?

Actually -- I think I never finished this one because it takes a huge amount of attention to hook an animal this way. I could give the rug my full attention in the class, because that's what I was there for. It is much harder to focus in on a detailed rug at home, with kids and chores getting in the way.

I'm not going to do the squares behind him; I may do leaves instead. . . we'll see.

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