Monday, March 17, 2008

Iguana Go Back to St. John

This morning was so sunny and bright I didn't think I'd need a hat and gloves when Cairo and I left for our walk. Boy, was I wrong! My fingers were numb by the time we got to the beach. I was wishing I was back sitting in the sand on Cinnamon Bay.

I've been having computer problem, so I haven't been able to post more pics from our vacation. So here are a few.

We saw lots of iguanas right outside our room. The fellow pictured above was extraordinarily tame -- he even let me touch is leathery tail. They liked to sun themselves on top of the sea grapes lining the shore and in the crook of a large tree.

This is Cinnamon Bay.

Clara has banned me from posting any pictures of her. I wish I had a film of her snorkeling. She used only her swim goggles -- no tube to breathe through -- and her flippers. She is taking a photography class and had an underwater case for her camera. She would dive down deep to take pictures of sea urchins and parrot fish, her whole body undulating. She looked like a real live mermaid! She can hold her breath forever -- all those years of swimming competitively, I guess. She got some great shots, which she is supposed to send to me. . . . so maybe I'll post a few more when I get them.

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Lorraine said... beautiful!!! I wanna go!
BTW...I tagged ya for a game, go to my blog!!LOL