Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

I am already having a happy one. . . it is 20 minutes after nine in the morning and I am still in my pjs, having stayed up late to watch Becoming Jane with my reason for celebrating Mother's Day -- my sweet daughter Clara. She arrived home just in time for dinner last night -- her timing is always perfect! It is a joy for us to have her in the house again, though she is at loose ends after all the hubbub of finals and packing up her dorm room.

When I arrived in Saratoga Springs on Wednesday afternoon, Clara was still in her drawing critique. She hadn't packed a thing! So after dinner we worked til 10 pm getting stuff together, and started again the next morning at 10 am. We finally finished at 3 pm! That girl has more clothes than Blooomingdales, I swear!

We had a late lunch at Putnam Market -- they make such delicious sandwiches. I had the Royal -- roast beef, Stilton cheese, mango chutney and alfalfa sprouts on French bread. Yummy -- and it was so big I saved half for supper on the road. Of course, Clara stocked up on cheese while we were there. And the cheese guy remembered me from 3 weeks ago and saved me this fabulous sea scallop tin I admired in the seafood case. What fun! I'll use it in the studio to store stuff.

Anyway -- now it's time to shower, walk the dog, and finish painting the trim on my newly refurbished front porch. Look for it in a future post . . .

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