Monday, January 19, 2009

A Hope-Filled Holiday

We woke to winter again this morning. I had a great walk with Cairo. Everything was hushed -- the neighborhood kids were still in bed and no one had started to shovel their walks. We don't get snow like this much out here on Long Island and it was a delight to be out in it. Cairo liked it, too.

I rushed around like a madwoman trying to get some pattern orders filled so I could get them to the Post Office. I came to a screeching halt when I finally realized that it was Martin Luther King Day and the Post Office wasn't open! I had watched the morning news, but it didn't sink through this stuffed up head of mine that it's a holiday today.

This head cold has kept me inside for more than a week, so I had to venture out for groceries -- Pete could survive a scraped together meal, but I was out of cat food. (Try telling a 14-year old cat to eat ramen noodles.) On my way home from the grocery store, I listened to a recording of Martin Luther King delivering his "I Have a Dream" speech on National Public Radio. What a piece of writing, and what a delivery! It is particularly poignant listening to King on the eve of Barack Obama's inauguration.

I'm enjoying watching the news -- witnessing the wave of hope that is lifting up the country after last year's financial woes and the long hard years of the Iraqi war. The number of people descending on Washington D.C is just remarkable. I particularly love the story of the family in Virginia who listed an invitation on Craig's List to anyone who wanted to stay with them this week. They had an Indian couple, some Cubans, some Germans. Their kids gave up their beds for strangers, so they could be a part of tomorrow's festivities. Such a great thing to do.

My neighbors are hosting an inauguration party tomorrow. It will be fun to watch such a momentous occasion with good friends. I'm hoping that Clara will find a television in Florence so that she can witness this sea-change, too.

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