Friday, January 23, 2009

Rug Hooking Buzz

Rug hooking is a pretty sedate sport . . . Sometimes someone comes up with a new way to dye wool or hooks a particularly beautiful mat, but sparks rarely fly. This month, however, we've witnessed fireworks with the start of Wanda Kerr's The Welcome Mat.

I belonged to the former Welcome Mat, a pay-to-participate forum that Wanda created awhile ago. I signed up, paid my money, looked at it twice and never visited again. I meant to, but I belonged to a host of other rug hooking forums on Yahoo, MSN, Topica . . and I could hardly keep up with them. Some of them are rigid they have so many rules, some of them have no rules at all. Some have lots of off-topic chatter, whiles other stick to the point. None of them is as wonderful as the new Welcome Mat.

Whenever I go to visit, another 25 people have joined. There's another book review, or a new event listed. There's a question of the day -- and lots of answers -- and interesting websites to visit and photos of great rugs to look at. I think it's a combination of the ease of use and Wanda's energy that makes it so special. Even my sister Barb, known for dyeing beautiful rug hooking wool , but not for actually hooking, has a hard time tearing herself away from the computer when she logs onto the Mat.

Want to visit? Click here: The Welcome Mat . It's worth the trip.

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calamity kim said...

speaking of rugs... I'm doing a giveaway! please come enter!