Monday, February 2, 2009

Another Small Piece . . .

I am doing this series of small pieces to get me back in the grove of hooking every day and to use up left over linen. I drew 8 inch squares on a long narrow piece of backing and figured I would just hook them freestyle -- or scrumble them, in case you are a Prudence Mapstone fan. I decided to call them trivets so they would have a use as more than visual art. I find this kind of hooking really liberating. Because the pieces are small, I am willing to take more chances and more detours from my usual path. It's hard to do that on a large rug -- that's a huge investment of time and wool.

The trivet shown in the post from 1/31/09 grew out of a pile of my sister Barb's beautiful hand-dyed wool. Today's trivet grew out of a piece of old paisley I purchased on eBay from a woman in Belgium.

When the paisley arrived, I was disappointed. It was brighter than usual and the design was much smaller than usual. And it reeked of cigarette smoke. I figured I would never use it. So I decided to throw it in the washer to get rid of the odor as fast as possible. I figured if it fell apart, I would just throw it away.

Parts of it did disintegrate, but most of it could be used for hooking. I threw it in the basket with leftover strips and forgot about it. I found it yesterday when I was rummaging for inspiration. I pressed a piece and ran it through my Townsend cutter. Them I grabbed some off-the-bolt black and an orange hand-dyed tweed an voila! I love this little mat. It's certainly much more Halloween than Valentine's Day, but it'll keep.

Stay tuned. . . I may have another one in a day or so.


Mohamed said...
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TamboinMO said...

What a great idea...I like the idea of making small experimental pieces to try out colors, techniques and such!