Saturday, December 19, 2009

Waiting for Snow, Waiting for Christmas

This time tomorrow we should be buried in 12 inches of snow.  That's a lot of snow for an area as temperate as the North Fork.  We eat tomatoes off the vine all the way through November and we can almost always pick a rose on Thanksgiving day.  So this is a big weather event for us. 

Cairo and I had a very cold and short walk on the beach this morning.  The neighbors are hitting the IGA for extra milk and parking their cars in the driveway to make way for the snowplows.  Pete unearthed our snow shovel yesterday and put away the bicycles and rakes in preparation for 40 mile-an-hour winds.   I'm about to get started on some cookie dough -- there's nothing like fresh cookies when snow is flying -- after my own quick trip to the grocery and the library.  I plan on snuggling up on the sofa this afternoon with a mystery.

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