Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Look What Alicia Is Doing!

My friend Alicia said I inspired her (see her comment a couple of posts ago) to challenge herself "to become a more accomplished spinner and knitter."  She's young and energetic and obviously self-motivated (she works as a vet tech while going to school for another degree and still finds time to knit and spin and hook and heavens knows what else).  She didn't need inspiration from me, the old lady who is proud to have one resolution crossed off the list, thanks to her clever daughter, but its nice of Alicia credit me.

She is taking a knitting class in which the students knit a scarf per month.  Not satisfied with that, Alicia is then going to spin her own yarn to make another scarf from the same pattern.  Two scarfs per month!  I think she finished the first one in 6 days.  It took me 8 months just to finish one air of socks!

Alicia's 1st Scarf and her kitty Dharma

Alicia is going to write about her venture on her blog: Dharma Yarns: 2010 the year of the Scarf.  I'll be following her progress as the year progresses, and will hopefully get to fondle all the pretty things she whips up.    Why not join me on my visits?


Alicia said...

Awww.... this is so sweet of you! Thanks! Love the new card by the way, I think it is very elegant.

Kim said...

Beautiful scarf Alicia, I'm heading to your blog now. I love to knit, but I never finish any of my projects. I think I might love the wool more than the actual project! Oh well.... someday! Thanks Sarah for the post! hugs,Kim