Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Tax Time

I am getting all my income tax stuff together today.  Not my favorite thing to do -- especially when I've had a sleepless night.  My Million Dollar Mutt is sick again.  Poor Cairo not only has to deal with allergies, but he also is sick to his stomach, has a fever of 104, and may have fluid in his left lung.  He is at the doggy hospital having an x-ray and getting intravenous fluids.  I have to call to check on him late this afternoon, but he will probably spend the night there.  He was so miserable on the examining table he didn't even growl at the vet when he took his temperature. 

I am lost without him.  He always barks at the postman so I know when the mail has arrived and our morning walk is my primary exercise for the day.  Not to mention he keeps my feet warm at night. . .  I miss the little guy.


Orange Sink said...

Oh Sarah,
There's nothing worse taxes and sick pets! I sure hope the best for you and Cairo. Cathy G

TamboinMO said...

We'll keep Cairo in our thoughts here in Missouri. Hope he springs back soon....we love seeing him in your pictures.
Tammy, Cleopatra & Lonnie

Cindi Gay said...

So sorry to hear your little guy is sick. I know how difficult that can be.