Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sunday Scones

My favorite thing to do on Sunday morning: curl up on the couch with a good book and a good cup of coffee.  I'm reading another Benjamin Black mystery that takes place in 1950s Dublin.  Yes, I am still enamored of Dublin.  The characters were having tea at the Shelbourne (probably the fanciest hotel in Dublin), and it made me want a scone.  Pete got up early too, to watch Slovenia play in the World Cup.  His mother's family is from Slovenia, and we keep in touch with the relatives there.  We even spent part of our honeymoon -- 25 years ago this Tuesday -- in Slovenia.   I decided we had to celebrate their win against Algeria with -- you guessed it -- scones!

I used the Dorset Scone recipe from Sheila Lukin's All Around the World Cookbook.  (Sheila was half of the duo who created The Silver Palate.)  I used half as much salt as she calls for, added a couple of extra tablespoons of butter along with pecans and dried cherries and they are FABULOUS!  Buttery and not gummy at all -- very much like my all-time favorite's from Aldo.  Pete and I both ate 2!  Though, in our defense, they are not very big.  Pete actually said they were better than Aldo's!  They're close, but not quite . . .  I'm going to have to make these for Paula and Ann, scone tasters extraordinaire, and see what they think.

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Suzanne said...

I'm going to have to check out Benjamin Black...sounds like something I'd enjoy. Those scones look yummy!