Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Another Wild Wooly Weekend at Rhinebeck

What a weekend!  This was the warmest Sheep and Wool Festival we've ever attended.  We overdressed on Saturday, remembering last year's snow flurries . . .  We didn't sleep well Friday night after set up, so we were a little bleary-eyed on Saturday.  My exhaustion kept me from my usual tours of the grounds, so I have very few pictures to share today.  Despite our sluggishness, we had our best weekend of sales ever.  Barb and I want to thank our customers -- both the loyal friends who stop by to see us every year as well as the fresh new faces who appeared for the first time this weekend.  You all make the show a delight for us, no matter how little sleep we get!


Kim from The Sheep's Nest said...

So sad I missed it this year! We are working so hard to get the shoppe finished! Glad to hear that sales are up!!

Danny said...

Thanks for sharing the fair events.
That is wonderful you all guys have worked hard for arranging all.
For it is missing for some thing.
Best of luck.