Saturday, October 23, 2010

Rhinebeck Aftermath

I spent the week unpacking the car, processing checks and credit card orders, filling pattern orders from Rhinebeck (if I don't have a pattern in stock at a show, I will ship it postage free), getting ready for the Peconic Ruggers show next weekend and BAM!  I got miserably sick with a stomach flu Thursday afternoon.  I caught it at Rhinebeck -- how can you not catch something at fair with 50,000 attendees?  I was pretty worn out all weekend from not sleeping well, so I guess it was inevitable.

I slept all day yesterday, surfacing periodically to sip cups of ginger ale delivered to my bedside by Pete and Clara.  (That was my Mom's thing -- the ginger soothes your stomach and the sugar gives you a little energy and you stay hydrated -- if you can keep it down.)  I finally got out of bed at 5 PM.  By then the chills had stopped, but my stomach was still tender.  I felt really weak, so I made myself a poached egg and dry toast -- another of my mother's remedies -- and I felt better.  I also had to deal with a headache all day yesterday, because I could not bear to drink my beloved morning cup of coffee and was going through caffeine withdrawal.

I am better this morning -- still feeling a little under the weather -- but I had a bracing walk on the beach with Cairo earlier and I am going to get back to work today.  I'm hoping no one catches the bug from me  -- sorry if I spread it around -- but it does pass in 24 hours and the ginger ale helps.

Today is my sister Barb's birthday.  Stop by her blog and wish her a happy day.  Click here: thimblefolk


Orange Sink said...

Oh Sarah,
Sounds like you really got bit good by that darn flu bug! Glad you're feeling better! I keep a bottle of ginger ale around too just in case! It's not as sweet as 7up and is soothing! Will hop over to Barbs and wish her HB. Stay on the healthy side!
Cathy G

Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups said...

Oh, those home remedies seem to always do the trick. Glad you're feeling better. Stomach bugs are the WORST!