Monday, November 8, 2010

How Did This Happen?????

Snow on Long Island in early November.  It's crazy.  I am still figuring out why I didn't get in the last swim of the season and why the rest of my Brandywine tomatoes won't ripen.  We are in the middle of a nor'easter I didn't even know was coming -- not surprising, given the pre-show fog I am enveloped in.  The snow is not falling here along the shore, but about 20 miles west.  Big, sloppy, wet flakes are coating the traffic and weather cameras and sending me into a panic. 

We turned the clocks back before bed on Saturday night, so I woke up in the dark and cooked dinner in the dark.  I don't like so much dark.  I need lots of hours of sunlight to keep a smile on my face, so the winter months are often difficult for me.  I do look forward to Christmas -- I love putting up the Christmas tree and getting out my collection of ornaments again -- it's like meeting old friends.  I even look forward to the first snow.  But the 21st of December is a holiday for me, because I know that each day will bring a few more minutes of sunlight.

That said, I had a brisk and energizing walk on the beach with Cairo this morning in 30 mile per hour winds.  I needed that -- my bottom is actually starting to hurt from sitting so long at my hooking frame and sewing machine.


Gayle said...

My BIL lives on Long Island too - in Mystic, I believe. We're expecting our first snowfall here in Utah later today - it won't be much, but it's a start

Orange Sink said...

Funny how it hits us all at once! The weather here has been gorgeous the last few days but we musn't be fooled! It can change in an instant and will! The early dark evenings are messing up my inner time clock and my dog's as well! Great that you got out for that jog even though the winds were brisk! Hope you are getting lots of goodies made for the show!
Cathy G

Highland Monkey's said...

Just seen your blog, your rugs are amazing.