Friday, November 19, 2010

Wilton (AKA Fine American Craftsman Show)

 Here are some photographs from Wilton.  We had a moderately successful weekend -- not bad for being first timers.  Sadly, the show is a shadow of its former self.  When Barb and I attended in past years, it was at least double the size and attendance was much higher.  One vendor claimed the reason for this was a "perfect storm" of events:  a change in management, the economy, and some prima donna crafters who ended up leaving the show and starting their own.  That's our booth pictured above and below.

 Friday night set up.

 We met the owners of Hidden Treasures, Kathy and Jeff Graybill.  Kathy designs and hand paints a vast array of wooden furniture and smalls that her husband Jeff designs.  They are prolific and their both was quite a sight to behold.
 The most amazing items they had were these large hooked trade signs.  My jaw dropped when I saw them.  You can get an idea of how large they are in the second picture with the woman off to the left.

 Kathy hooks with the widest piece of fabric I have ever seen -- it is at least an inch wide!  She thought the 8 cut I use in most of my rugs was tiny.


Orange Sink said...

Wow! What an honor to be able to participate in a show like that! Your booth looked wonderful! The hooked trade signs are beautiful......I can imagine that using the wider cut helps her to get them done faster. But they still have such amazing detail!
I certainly hope the economy will improve so these lovely top quality shows don't disappear entirely. Good shows need good repeat buyers.
Thanks so much for sharing this! You must rest now!
Cathy G

Kim said...

Looks like a wonderful show. Your booth looked very attractive, as did the others you showed. There are so many talented crafts people out there - I'm surprised customers were not lined up.