Wednesday, March 23, 2011

More on Mary's Runner

I received a phone call from Julie in Maine last week, asking if I would have a pattern available of Mary's Runner.  (Julie reads my blog (Hi, Julie!) -- how cool is it that she took the time to call and talk?)  I will have one shortly that measures 18 by 36 inches, the size Mary requested, but after talking to Julie, I am going to make a larger version for the floor as well. 

Julie also asked me what I was going to do with the border.  My original idea was the multicolored border you see above.  Julie hoped that I would not take away from the circles in the center of the piece.  That got me thinking . . .  maybe it should just be a plain and simple border, to anchor the whole design.  Now I can't decide what to do.  I thought if I hooked a bit of both and took a photograph, I'd be able to see which would work better, but I still can't decide.  I am thinking I shouldn't have hooked the two choices so close together . . .   So I am going to rip out the plain border and re-hook it on the other end and take a couple more pictures.

I could use some help making this decision -- does anyone have any suggestions?  Julie, are you there?


Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

The striped border really sets it off ~ in my eye, anyway!! It's a great looking rug!

Julia said...

Sarah, I've looked at your beautiful rug and I think that I would leave the border plain rather than multicolor. The circle pattern keeps the eye moving I think that a solid border would contain them and they wouldn't spill over.

I know that I probably don't make sense but that's how I see it. A plain border would make the center more special. Only my point of view. JB

Courtney said...

I've got to vote for plain. I love the color wheel effect of the pattern and, like you said, the anchor of the quiet border.

newburyarts said...

*****the plain border keeps the eye in "the middle" of this rug, but with great color in a rug and a simple design,
you want the eye to continue all around the rug. the striped effect will do just that, keep the eye moving all around the rug. in rug hooking the movement is created in the overall movement of the rug, not just in one area such as the center of this design. a common mistake...but you are the creator and what is making sense for you. the continued use of color in the border is another age old design concept from the early rug makers and is fail safe even today. i vote
for the color to continue into the border. new rug hookers see a plain border, those of us with experience see color in the border. best of luck!

newburyarts said...

***** really is a beautiful
rug no matter what you decide.

Sharlene Washington said...

My vote is for the striped border. It makes the whole rug eye catching. It is a whole lot of WOW instead of a bit of WOW in the center. Can't wait to see what you decide.

s said...

What a great rug! First instinct for me would be plain. However, you could play alittle in the border but I would have some plain sections...just my thoughts. I would love to do this rug...I have so many worms to use up. could you send me info please.
whatever you do will be great.
Thanks, Sheila

Carol Markel said...

Hi Sarah,
A plain red border.

carol.i said...

Love the new pattern, Love the striped border.