Sunday, December 4, 2011

Weekend in Brooklyn -- or -- Cairo Goes to the Big City

We spent Saturday moving Clara to a new apartment -- on the same floor of the same building, thank goodness. It is a studio, her first apartment just for her -- no roommates!

Cairo came with us and was a nudge the entire time. Clara lives in a fourth floor walk up, so there are a lot of stairs when it is time to go out. He was so distraught about being out of his element that he couldn't manage to do what he was supposed to. He is definitely a country dog.  He was not too pleased when the subway roared by over our heads while we walked under the Manhattan Bridge.

I was strolling the streets of Brooklyn late at night and early in the morning, trying to get him to go. It was actually quite beautiful by the East River and our walk at 6:30 this morning lasted well over an hour.  We watched the sun come up and stopped for bagels to bring home.

Sorry for the picture quality -- I took them all on my iPhone and posted via Bloggers iPhone app.


Orange Sink said...

Poor little Cairo! I get that same way while on travels! LOL!! Dogs need those familiar smells and like to go in the same areas....... Hope all turned out for the good!
Love the photos!
Cathy G

Julia said...

Hi, thanks for your comment on my blog. To answer your question, someone posted the elephant shorts on my Facebook page as she couldn't resist. I bursted laughing so I risked putting it on my blog.

I'll come back to your blog tomorrow as I'm up way pass bedtime. JB

Julia said...

Hi Sarah, I'm back checking out your blog this morning. I don't blame Cairo for being out of his elements in Brooklyn, I think that I would be too, although there are so much to see.

Thanks for sharing this with us. I hope that your daughter like her new apartment and adjust well to the faster pace.

Even though you used your iPhone, the pictures are beautiful. JB

Mrs A said...

I just stumbled upon your blog, i was in italy earlier this year, so it was great to see your photos, did you see the amazing tapestry work on the way to the sistine chapel?
If you feel like visiting my blog

Carol said...

I am glad that Clara is doing so well. She looks great in that photo in Rome. I really want to go to Jane's Carousel in Brooklyn and see the Jean Nouvel building.

p.s. don't forget to stop by sometime when you're in the city.

ParisMaddy said...

Cairo---cute name for a cute dog. Your pictures make the city sparkle.

Heimpflege said...

Oh my! Cairo is so cute..=D

buy rift account said...

WoW! what a cute little cairo.