Thursday, April 19, 2012

A New Version of Mary's Runner

I love to see people's interpretations of my designs.  It's always nice to know someone likes my patterns enough to hook them, but its thrilling to see them hooked up and bound and ready for the floor.

Rona bought my pattern Mary's Runner several months ago and brought the finished rug to our guild meeting Tuesday night.  Isn't it stunning?

I love that she hooked crosses into the circles and I love her color choices.  The red yarn she chose to whip it with is the perfect frame for the rug.  Well done, Rona!

If you would like to see what other members of our guild, the Peconic Ruggers, have been working on, click on over to the website here: The Peconic Ruggers.  You may be tired of hearing me say it, but this is a great group of women.  The group is a stand alone guild -- we don't belong to a national organization -- which allows us a great amount of freedom in how we work.  We are very relaxed -- no Robert's Rules of Order here!  We do manage to get through business each month.  We produce a rug to raffle each year and have a rug show every other year.  Hook ins are always fun and we have them in the winter and in the summer.  Sometimes our coffers are full enough to sponsor a class or a guest speaker.  Most of us don't see each other outside of guild functions, but we really enjoy each others' company when we do get together.  I was a founding member of the guild about 15 years ago, and the past couple of years have been the best.  If you don't belong to a guild yet, I highly recommend it!


acorn hollow said...

Wonderful rug! I do not belong to a guild as the one nearest to me is during the day when I am at work

Julia said...

That rug is beautiful and nice color combinations.
I don't belong to a hooking group because I don't have much time to hook lately but I find that enjoy the friendship and sharing on Rug Hooking Daily. So they are my hooking group at the moment. JB