Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A Perfect Day to Dye

I have the dye pots out today, cooking up a big batch of my favorite light background. It's so lovely out that I'm drying the wool on the line.

I'm also cutting up a bunch of old woolen clothing that arrived from my mother-in-law Betty yesterday. (Thank you, Betty!) There's a lovely brown tweedy suit and some of my father-in-law's sport coats that I hope wash up well. One of them has a lovely citron colored lining that I hope to repurpose, perhaps as a lining for a purse. There's an amazingly soft black cashmere coat too thick to hook with, but I may try making a proddy mat with it for my husband's side of the bed. Can you imagine how wonderful it would feel to step on that with bare feet every morning? We shall see . . . I'm going to sit at the picnic table in the sun to disassemble it all and watch the wool wave in the wind.


Julia said...

What a nice bunch of recycled wool to dismantle outdoors on a sunny day.

I like your wool drying on the line. To someone who know nothing about hooking wool it might look a bit dingy but we know better don't we. JB

acorn hollow said...

your background looks great.
I love the old clothes they have fabric you can't get any more