Friday, May 25, 2012

Gearing Up for Summer in Greenport

I've taken a few days off from rug hooking business to take care of home business.  I have yet to wash and put away the winter stuff and get out the summer stuff, so I am working on that.  I need to mulch the front garden, and I am turning in my leased car next week, so I had to clean it  Those of you who know me well know I like a neat house.  I don't have extraneous junk anywhere except in the basement and my studio.  Not so with my car.

Someone told me I would love my Toyota Rav 4, but I don't.  I like that it was roomy enough to fit everything I needed for our show booth and I like the pick up (its a 6-cylinder.)  I have always hated the bouncy ride and the bad mileage.  And face it, once you've driven a Volvo, it is hard to drive anything else, except maybe a Mercedes and that ain't going to happen.  Anyway, I dislike the Rav 4 so much that I never cleaned it.  NEVER.  Not once in three years.  It's been on ski trips, camping trips, to many rug shows and fiber festivals, to college and back innumerable times, scalloping, clamming, we've brought grown trees home in it..  So just imagine how much junk -- and beach sand -- was floating around in it.  I bit the bullet yesterday and scrubbed it down.  I filled a huge laundry basket with maps and water bottles and napkins and umbrellas and chapstick and take out menus. Then I vacuumed it for THREE hours.  I was so exhausted by suppertime, I could only manage to make Pete grilled cheese for supper.  It nearly killed me to get it in and go to the grocery store this morning -- because I am going to have to vacuum it again!

We are moving on to a Suburu Outback (Pete's choice, even though its my car).  It drives well -- not nearly as bouncy as the Rav 4 -- and seems to have enough cargo space for all my booth junk.  So we shall see if I like it or not.  I know one thing -- I will never wait three years to vacuum a car again!

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Julia said...

It's nice to take time off from the regular grind to tidy up a bit.

I like a clean house and clean car too but seldom either are clean with living on a farm and having hay chaff coming in the house calf feed in the back of my van.
Working 7 days a week leaves not much time for a scrupulously clean abode.

I traded my other big car for a Dodge Caravan and I love how high I feel on the road and I can see better in it too.

Have a super Memorial weekend. JB