Thursday, May 31, 2012

Are You Feeling Patriotic?

My sister Barb has just posted some new and red white and blue pieces on her site for sale.  Click here to view and to purchase: thimblefolk

I had a productive holiday weekend -- I worked like a dog!  Here's some of what I did:  mowed the lawn, mulched the front garden, hand-washed all my winter wool scarves, washed all the washable winter coats (why my husband has so many jackets -- all either sage green or red -- I will never know!), road my bike to the farmer's market, walked to town to see the Tall Ships, road my bike to the library, road my bike to the grocery store, baked a strawberry rhubarb pie, vacuumed my studio, washed the living room and dining room windows, went to Agway, bought new plants for my window boxes and planted them, ordered wood blinds for my bedroom, cooked dinner for friends on Monday evening . . . I wanted to get my closet cleaned out and reorganized, but my back gave out . . .   It's better now, but i sent a couple of days moving slowly and carefully.

Now I am ready to hunker down and hook some new stuff for the Midwest Fiber and Folk Art Fair.

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