Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Peconic Ruggers Show at Hallockville

Our guild had a great show this weekend in the Naugles Barn at Hallockville.  We spent Friday setting up.  I was exhausted after waking at 2 am and being able to go back to sleep.  Barb came down on Thursday night, so as well as working on getting the show up, I helped Barb get our booth set up.  It was a long weekend for me.  We have another show this weekend and it is a bit overwhelming.  We don;t usually do two weekends in a row.  (I actually have another show here on Long Island the weekend after next, too.  I am beside myself.)

Here are some not so good pics of the show.


Andrea said...

great pictures! thank you for sharing...what a great weekend it was...I had such a nice time!
andrea :)

Julia said...

I know that setting up for any kind of show is a huge job... It helps if you've done it before but each places presents themselves with some challenges in my experience.

Thanks for sharing the picture of the show. I can't believe that you are doing this again this weekend, poor you. I hope that you find time to rest in between if at all possible.

Looking forward to more picture of the next sale.

Gayle said...

What a beautiful place for a rug show! Thanks for sharing all the pictures, and good luck on next weekend too!

Tina Ackermann said...

Oh how fabulous!! I miss it! Love the rugs!!! Made me smile and reflect on our time there!