Friday, December 14, 2012

Gun Control NOW!

No one's right to bear arms should supersede twenty children's right to live.  It is time to fix this.


Julia said...

I'm just heart sick about this tragedy. I have a hate for guns but I know that they have a use but in the hand of a deranged person, it a time bomb waiting to explode.
Prayers for the families, victims and the community.

Stickhorsecowgirls said...

Thanks for posting the links where aid may be given. I do not like guns. My husband is a hunter, and he does like guns--but he respects them. My father had hunting guns and pistols he never used. My sister and I were sternly cautioned to never go near them. We didn't! My husband bought a large gun safe for early Christmas, so they can be safely locked up! We have grandchildren who visit here and we want them to be safe. I think it is interesting that Switzerland which has a culture deeply rooted in weaponry has so few shootings that statistics are not even kept.Men between ages 21 and 32 serve as frontline troops and are gtiven an M-57 assault rifle and 24 rounds of ammo which they are REQUIRED to keep at home.
I don't know all that is different in Swiss culture, than other industrialized, western nations, but I think it is worth studying. The U.S. seems to be in a moral abyss--divorce, drugs, alcohol dependence, filthy television and violent video games, latchkey children with exhausted mothers helping to support the family. I work in a public elem. school with disabled kids, some autistic. The higher functioning autistic kids are assigned one on one staff to help them "assimilate" into inclusive classroom environments. From my first hand observation, this is a dismal failure. The majority of autistic kids never assimilate well in classroom environments! Instead, because of "no kid left behind" and "inclusion" taught at public universities, these kids (many of them violent) explode in the hallways, attack teachers and staff and I've seen many students cringe with fear if they come near one of these kids in the hall. I have witnessed (along with typical kids in the school), women staff being cursed at, hit, bit, hair pulled and kicked. I have seen staff physically drag these kids kicking and screaming away from the regular ed kids in hallways. I wonder--is it a good thing for children to witness adult women staff being physically attacked by these male students--and they are ALL male student! Have you read "I am Adam Lanza's Mother" currently being posted on Facebook? It is very profound addressing parents' dealing with severe mental illness in children. Everyone should read it! I don't know the answer, but this country needs to do some serious soul searching. I can understand strict regulations on assault weapons, but I remember my history lessons: An unarmed citizenry is at the mercy of tyrannical government--and I for one do not believe in a pure benevolent government. As we've all heard : Absolute power corrupts --absolutely. So I don't think any of us have answers, but google Switzerland gun laws and read up--it's quite interesting!