Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Boxing Day

I don't think this is how they celebrate Boxing Day in England, but this how we are spending today in Greenport!  We had a plethora of presents yesterday (don't you love that word?) and every one of them came in a box.  They are all emptied now, and piled around the house, waiting for Pete to take them to the recycling center at the dump -- which is no longer a dump but a transfer station.  I still call the refrigerator an ice box sometimes, so it is still the dump to me.

We had a quiet day yesterday with our main meal at 1 o'clock.  Everything turned out perfectly -- the wild rice was delicious and fluffy and flavorful, the crown roast of pork was moist and tasty, the Flakey Harvest Vegetable Squares were so delicious, as were the roasted Cippolini onions, homemade applesauce, the salad from Pete's garden, and the Chocolate Coconut Charlotte.  Needless to say, we did not eat any supper in the evening.  

It was a nice, peaceful day.  I hope yours was, too.

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