Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Wool Work Winds Down

Wool Work, my show of rugs at the Syosset library, has ended.  I drove up yesterday afternoon and, with Jeanette's help, took the rugs down.  It was a pleasure to see them hanging there one more time, and to get such positive feedback.  I brought my stuff so I could show Jeanette and Pam how to hook.  It turns out that Pam, years ago, used to punch rugs with a shuttle.  When she tried her had at hooking, she was a whiz!  Every loop she pulled was nice and high and even.  She has a knack for it.

When I arrived home, I found an email in my box from a woman who saw the show.  Here is  what she said:

I loved your hooked rugs! I went back several times to see the display! It made me want to try to hook a rug. I've done needlepoint, embroidery and quilting over the years, but I've never tried making a rug. I'd love to hook a geometric quilt pattern and hang it on a wall.I've tried to find a place near me that would sell the materials and/or give instruction. I took a book on rug hooking out of the library, but I know I will need someone to show me certain things (rather than just read about them). I can't find an adult educ. course or a library program that would give me the assistance I may need. The knitting stores don't seem to deal with this craft. Now that you have inspired me to give it a try, I'm hoping that you can steer me in the direction of someone or someplace that can give me some hands-on instructions. Can you help?
Thank you so much.

Isn't that nice?  I do believe we have a rug hooker in the making . . . 


Julia said...

If this lady is in your area, maybe you can show her. She can find some hooking videos online. Gene Shepherd has several on Youtube.

I'm glad that you had some positive comments and a possible new hooker. One hooker hooks another and it starts a chain reaction.

Your rugs are beautiful.


Janet Bocciardi said...

Maybe there's a rug hooking camp she'd find interesting to attend. That's how I got started. I think it's the best way as you're surrounded by it for several days and get the comradery, too.