Saturday, April 20, 2013

Gloomy Day

We're having rain today, which I am glad of.  This storm brought my in-laws in northern Wisconsin a foot of snow, so it could be worse.  This rain will bring cherry blossoms and purple lilacs in its wake and that makes me happy.

I was riveted to the television last night, watching the events in Boston unfold in real time.  It was surreal --  a movie made in Hollywood.  Boston completely shut down? How did they manage that?   I told my 25 year old daughter how amazed I was at how quickly the authorities caught the bombers and she said, "Of course they caught the bombers quickly.  Their photographs were all over the place!"  She is from the generation of instantaneous results and expected nothing less.  And how wonderful that the results came from a fellow walking out his back door and noticing blood on the cover of his beloved boat?  I was wondering aloud to my husband last night if insurance would cover the cost of the bullet ridden boat and the black SUV the bombers hijacked . . . 

I began my oral surgery yesterday and am pleased to announce that it was not so bad.  I made the mistake of looking up dental implants on the internet the night before.  I turned from a person who is vigilant and nonchalant about dentist visits into a quivering mass of jelly.  So stupid --I learned a lesson in not self-diagnosing things on the internet!  The surgeon was wonderful.  He answered my very many questions patiently, and when he realized that I needed to know everything, he described each step as he did it and showed me what he took out and what he put in.  I am not even in pain -- its more annoying than anything else and feels a little weird.  In three months time, the bone graft should be ready for the titanium implant.  

We really do live in a space-aged world, with titanium teeth and facial recognition software that catches terrorists in the blink of an eye.  What a world!


acorn hollow said...

what a world indeed. those boys had plenty of time to leave the area before their faces were spread every where. I work in a college town and I was telling my husband that if they came to that town they would have blended in for awhile anyway. The youngest one at least looked like any american college kid.
I find the whole thing so sad
lots of prayers go out.

Julia said...

I'm glad that the whole ordeal is over. It must have been very scary to have to wait until they caught the guy. Yes the new generation sure are on top of things.

Spring has sprung here at long last and green is sprouting out everywhere.

Have a great weekend.