Wednesday, June 12, 2013

News from the Quilt Show

We had torrential rains on Friday, which made driving to the quilt show, emptying the car, and driving home a real challenge.  It was just short of a hurricane in my opinion -- the rain was at times horizontal -- and we were, for the most part, completely soaked. Not an auspicious beginning, but, thankfully, the weekend improved.

We shared a room with a quilt shop from Islip, New York.  We had a lot of space -- much more than we usually have, and I was able to display all my rugs on the grid walls.  I neglected to take proper pictures on a proper camera, and I apologize.  (I have become way too dependent on my iPhone.)

Our friend, Barbara Blossey-Chuvalas of Basket Garden Farm was in the next room with her beautiful baskets, along with Janet and Lindsay Heins of Farmhouse Quilts, and Susan Duchaine of Easy Piecing.  Janet and I have crossed paths before, and are soon to strike up a new relationship -- I will be teaching a beginning rug hooking class at her studio in Southold in the near future.  Her daughter Lindsay will be my first student -- she's so very interested in rug hooking and is so very enthusiastic.

Susan of Easy Piecing lives in Brooklyn, not too far from our old house.  Her guild is planning a quilt show in Brooklyn Heights sometime this year, and it looks like Barb and I may become a part of that.  Susan sells a wonderful selection of ribbons and embellishments as well as more contemporary quilt patterns and kits and shashiko, a Japanese embroidery technique. I bought a bunch of stuff to incorporate into my rug hooking.  

We also met Gary Osborne, the man behind Oliver & Adelaide, a wonderful on line children's shop.  He's interested in selling our stuff on his website, and I am, at this moment, hard at work on a new rug for him.  I have my fingers crossed that all works out with this new path.

I took a few pictures of the quilts, but not many.  While the vending at the show got off to a slow start for us both days, things really picked up after noon.  I think quilters are savvy shoppers -- most everyone made the rounds of all the vendors to see what was available, then came back through to buy.

Exquisite quilting

An artful art quilt

summery graphic fun

Janet's Peaks and Valleys.  I love the graphic quality.

This reminds me of my brick path hit or miss rug

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Julia said...

Thanks for the update on the quilt show. ISorry about all that rain. we had the same thing here and I even got some surface water seeping in my basement. So annoying...

'm happy for you that you are making some new connections and that you will have a venue to sell your rugs.

Have a great day.