Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Summer is Here!

Summer is in full swing -- sunny, sticky, sultry, sizzling.  After the long, cold spring the heat and humidity have hit us hard.  While I wish we had a screened porch to loll on, I am ever so glad we put in central air conditioning when we renovated.  The air conditioning means I can continue to hook, and it helps with the dog's allergies.  ( He has a tendency to keep me up at night with his sneezing and sniffles.)  I think this afternoon we will head out for our first dip in the bay.  The water has been warming up quickly, if the jellyfish I found on the beach this morning is any indicator.

Our yard is looking great.  We planted a new, large crepe myrtle outside the kitchen windows and the dappled sunlight through its leaves is lovely.  The Annabelle hydrangeas have gone crazy, what with all the rain.  I will have lots of bountiful bouquets around the house for months.  The damp, however, has made the mosquitoes proliferate, which prevents us from spending a lot of time outside in the evening.  We did sit in the gloaming a few nights ago and watched the bats swoop and flutter in their quest for bugs to eat.  They are a delight to watch, and such beneficial creatures.  Pete put a bat house up on the garage a few years ago and it seems to be doing the trick.

I have been working on some interesting stuff, including rugs for a high-end hand-made in America catalog for babies and toddlers and a new kit in a really fun package which I'll post about soon.  Right now I am taking things slowly, since we don't have any more shows until September.  I want to enjoy all the things summer brings: swimming in the bay, fresh picked flowers and veggies from the garden, visiting with friends and neighbors, maybe a short trip or two.  And I am going to read -- a lot.  That's my treat to myself.  I started with Edna O'Brien's The Country Girls a few weeks ago, which I loved, as sad as it was.  I'm starting the second book in her series today: The Lonely Girl.  You can find them as audio books on Audiogo, with Edna herself reading them, which is just wonderful.  

I'm off to get an iced coffee.  Enjoy this summer day!


Julia said...

Your Hydrangeas are beautiful and they make such a statement. I don't have a vegetable garden for the first time in my married life, not enough time to plant a veggie garden this year.

We have plenty of mosquitos too and I hate their singing worst than the bite.

Enjoy your summer as much as you can, sad to say but fall is not that far away. I know... I'm a bit cynical, he he.
All the best,

rileysmilesify said...

Those flowers are gorgeous! You know, keeping a garden is so much work, but it's very worthwhile in the end. You have a great summer too :)