Monday, July 15, 2013

Some Hooking and Some Cooking

The Peconic Ruggers had their annual July hook in on Saturday and I actually hooked a little!  I usually just chat . . .   The room was fairly cool and several fans were going and kept us comfortable.  I neglected to take photos -- well, I was too busy hooking!  Judy did take some photos and will post them on the Ruggers' blog shortly.  Here's what I worked on.

This is another rug for the high-end, made-in-America website I was asked to do a couple of pieces for.  The first was a bunny in shades of pinks and greens, geared toward girls.  This happy retro robot is what I came up with for boys.  The border is much lighter than it appears in the photo.  I love the pop of yellow and red.  The snaky line of the border with the red and yellow circles remind me of planets.  I'm having fun with it, and taking my time with it so I can enjoy summer activities.

Pete and I spent the week fixing the terrible squeaks in the stairs to the second floor.  Actually, Pete did the fixing, I just emptied the closet and filled it up again when he was finished.  For 23 years those squeaks have bugged me.  The stairs squeaked so loudly it would wake me up.  Now Pete startles me because I can't hear him coming down the stairs anymore, lol.

We had friends over for dinner last night, so I actually cooked all day long, starting with a blueberry pie in the morning and ending with these two recipes, both worth making again: Mint Chicken Burgers and  South Indian Lentil Cakes.  When I made the mixture for the lentil cakes, I had second thoughts -- they looked and tasted a little too health food to be serving guests, but when you crisp them up in a little bit of olive oil, they are transformed.  Between the two recipes, I hand-chopped fresh mint and cilantro for what seemed like hours.  Worth the work, though.


Julia said...

That's a good combination, hooking and cooking as long as you don't serve dyed wool, lol...
Those burgers looks very tasty and healthy. I'm sure that you got asked for the recipe.

Your hooking is so neat and that robot is a cool design.


Gayle said...

I have a friend who recently hooked a robot rug for her little grandson - yours is so cute!

Gabrielle said...

Cute rug.