Tuesday, January 21, 2014

I Love Snow Days

Sunday Morning in Amherst
Pete and I took a quick trip up to Amherst to visit old friends this weekend, taking the long way through Providence to pick up our god-daughter Natalie.  It snowed from Friday night until Sunday morning -- a lovely, light snow that was nice to walk in.  We watched some vacation slide shows, took a trip to the Smith College Museum of Art, and ate too much.  We missed Clara, although I doubt she missed us, as she was sunning herself in Maui!

It is snowing here in Greenport now.  The weatherman is predicting blizzard conditions and 8 to 14 inches of snow.  I love a snow day.  I love how quiet the snow makes the world, I love being cozy inside the house, and I love shoveling, as long as it is not too heavy.  I ran out to the post office to mail an order and swung by the grocery store for some milk (like the rest of our village, lol), came home and made myself a nice latte.  I'm going to hook this afternoon, after I work on some frame guards to sell in my etsy shop.  (More about those later.)

I hope you are all at home safe and warm with a wooly rug to work on.


Kendall Kessler said...

Beautiful photograph! I love snow days, too!

Julia said...

I Sarah, I love you attitude about snow. It's like I used to feel about snow but now that we've had so much, way too much snow and the damage it did to one of our hot house hay barn, I'm not much a fan of it any more, lol. Several farmers have lost barns and hot houses because of heavy snow in our province. The snow accumulated so fast.

We hired young men to shovel the roofs on our barns and building and there was just too much snow. 4 feet ion the roof in some areas. The hot house didn't get shovelled in time. The heavy rain added to the weight of the snow. We didn't lost any hay fortunately.

I'm taking the afternoon off to rest at home and recruited my husband and son to feed my calves for me. I've been whipping and binding my rug. Thanks for your comment about my rug.I really appreciate it

acorn hollow said...

I love snow days that I can be home and not have to drive in it.