Monday, January 13, 2014

No Resolutions This Year

I steered clear of specific resolutions this year -- not because I think they're bad -- I just think some general improvements are in order.  I want to be better at running my business, which has always come in second to everything else in my life.  I need to be a little more professional.  So I am spending January doing desk work instead of hooking.  I need to take an inventory of what I have to offer and make a new spread sheet for this year.  I need to have two cutters and my beloved Bernina sewing machine repaired.  I have to fill out and send in applications for some rug shows and fiber festivals.  I talked a wood carver into carving hooks out of beautiful woods and I need to set up an arrangement with him to sell them.  I have to figure out my Mail Chimp account woes so I can send out newsletters to my customers.  And I have a new idea for some non-hooked stuff (which is why I need my sewing machine repaired) that I have to make prototypes of.  And, as always, I need to clean my studio.  So I am busy -- just not busy making rugs or resolutions.

My guild, the Peconic Ruggers, had their holiday party on Saturday, so I did hook there.  We had a good time -- lots of chatter, lots of food, lots of lovely rugs.

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Julia said...

The only new year resolution I made was to work at finishing last year's resolutions that didn't got completed. At least I haven't given up on my new year resolution. So many little projects and big ones that needs to be done. Some projects are long term and others are short terms and it all takes time. Cleaning and sorting out my craft area is one that is not a priority since I have very little time to sit and create at the moment.

Good luck in getting your business organized, it's always so much work.

Thanks for your comment on my blog Sarah. I really appreciate it.