Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Adding Other Rug Hooking Blogs

I have wanted to update my rug hooking blogroll for a while now -- so today -- procrastinating instead of working -- I did just that.  I've separated rug hooking blogs from other blogs I like to read, and I've tried to weed out blogs that haven't had posts within the last year.  If you are a blogging rug hooker and would like me to add your blog to the roll, send me a note.

1 comment:

Julia said...

Hi Sarah, I'm not entirely a rug hooking blog although I hook rugs as a hobby.
I don't even update my blog very often anymore but I'm faithful at checking those blogs who leave comments on my blog.

I understand the time needed to follow blogs so that's why I'm not trying to grow my blog anymore. I don't have much spare time these days to post. Life seems to get busier more and more.

It's good to clean up those blogs who have gone by the wayside.