Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Laptop Case is Finished!

Actually, it's been finished for a couple of days and I am just getting around to posting about it . . . . I've had a sock knitting catastrophy, a black out (the electricity, not my brain), an emotionally distraught daughter. . . you know . . . life just got in the way.

So here it is-- drum roll please:

It is not perfect, but I love it anyway. Here are the problems I need to correct if I am going to make a pattern to sell:

1. It is too tight a fit. I need to make it wider. I'm hoping this one will stretch out a little. (Hmmm -- maybe Pete will let me get a Macbook Air . . . only .76 of an inch thick and $3,098 for 1.8GHz. Yeah, right.)

2. The finishing was difficult -- more than what most people would be willing to do. I wanted the design to wrap around and match up (which it does! Hooray!), so I only had one side seam which I stitched it by hand with strong linen thread -- the kind used on braided rugs. I was left with backing showing through, so I then hooked matching wool strips where needed -- a major pain in the you-know-what, since it was all sewn together and couldn't go back on the frame. I have some ideas on how to make that easier.

3. Although I like the opening on the short side for this, my own personal laptop case, I think people would find a case that opens on the long side, like a briefcase, easier to use.

4. The built in handles are probably not a good idea. I reinforced these with some strong stencilling plastic, but I think most laptops are too heavy and need leather or wooden handles.

That said -- look at the lining! Don't you just love it?

It is all stitched in by hand. (I was the best hand stitcher in 7th grade home economics class at Fair Haven Middle School. Thank you, Miss Johnson.) I tacked the bottom to the hooked part so it won't turn inside out whenever I take the laptop out.

I am pleased as punch. Now I just wish I had somewhere to take my computer so I can show off the case.

Also -- I received my prize from Lana of Honeysuckle Lane. She had a giveaway after posting for the 100th time on her blog.

Arent these lovely?

They remind me of Alice in Wonderland. I love the deckled edge and the softness of the printing. They came just in time, too, because even though it is almost February 1, I haven't written my Christmas thank yous yet!

You can see more of Lana's work on her website and on ebay, too. Everything Lana touches turns to gold. Her artwork is always thoughtfully conceived, beautifully executed, and technically perfect. And she is as sweet as can be. Thank you, Lana!


Lorraine said...

The laptop covering looks WONDERFUL!! I'd think of any reason to carry your laptop around:o)...
you are so lucky that you won those cards!!

Bluejean Primitives said...

You are showing it off! Right here! I like it Sarah... I think it's such a clever idea!

Don't worry about your knitting... you'll get it!

and you know I just love Lana's cards! Congrats on winning them!


T.F.C. Folk Art said...

Sarah~~I LOVE your laptop case!! The colors are just gorgeous!!

Lana's care are awesome, too!!


TamboinMO said...

It's Be-U-T-Ful!!! When you make things like this they are either a labor of love or we are just darn crazy...not sure which.
I would definitely find somewhere to carry that laptop to......do you have a coffee shop nearby that has wi-fi?
You just KNOW everyone would be oogling your case and wanting to know where you got it!!!

Suzanne said...

Beautiful Sarah! I love the design and the colors...and the fabric inside! Very pretty.
Congratulations of winning Lana's cards!!

......Thimblefolk.......Barb McNamara said...

I may have to get a laptop so you can make me one! I love it.

Your sister,

susanB said...

Your colors are great as is the lining. It's a beauty...take it to Panera at lunch for wifi, compliments and hey, take some pattern orders!
Nice job!

Lana said...

LOL! I'm blushing... I came to see your finished laptop case and see you got the cards. You are too sweet Sarah!

I LOVE the hooked case! It's beautiful and would be much more attractive and much more "me" than the black case I have.

Michelle said...

I can't wait to get a laptop now, because I want one of these covers!!! I just wrote Barb...I have been under a rock....I didn't know you both had Blogs and Jean too....I am ashamed. LOL